What is Tejo?

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Tejo is a game of skill where the player throws a steel disk (a tejo) underhanded into a pit of clay. Inside the clay pit is a metal ring and on the top and bottom of the metal ring are packages of gunpowder called “mechas.”
Whoever lands closest to the ring scores 1 point. Only one tejo can be closest and the point is only awarded when no one scores anything below.
If you hit the mecha and it explodes you get 3 points.
If you land your tejo in the center of the ring without touching it, you get what is called a “bocin” and that is worth 6 points.
If you hit a mecha and it explodes while landing in the center, that is called a “moñona.” That is worth 9 points.
The game is played to 27 in the professional matches, but usually only to 10 or 15 when playing for fun among friends. The game ends when the first person/team reaches the final total.
Often times all this is done with a "cerveza" or "aguardiente" in hand. While it is a game of skill it is often associated with drinking, making it a very social game.

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