Playing Tejo for “free” in Medellin

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I have been frequently asked about how can someone play tejo for free and or not on my tour. I always answer the question but now I figure I will write it down.

First of all, tejo is (or at least was free) free all over Colombia. Normally you just pay for you drinks and the owners let you play for free. Since Covid 19 has closed almost every court in Colombia, many of the courts will start charging by the hour.

However, in Medellin, (as of today) there are still places that you can play “for free” but you need to understand that if you are going to play “for free” you must have all the equipment. That includes your own tejo, your own mechas (Mecha=Explosive packet), and your own ganchos (a hook to take your tejos out of the dirt/mud).

If you have all of that then the place you can go to are listed below.
1. La Estella sports complex
2. Belen, Coliseo Carlos Mauro Hoyos
3. Campo Valdez (Be careful) (Friend was stabbed and died at the court. No joke)
4. Caribe
5. Robledo
6. San Javier (be careful)
7. Itagui, Coliseo Ditaires

8. Bello Club los Bucaros (had my scooter stolen there)

Some of these places do not allow you to drink alcohol or even smoke a cigarette. Also, you would need to find out the hours they are available. The courts in Belen and Itagui are the only 2 in that list that are available as soon as the gates open in the morning.

So, if you do not have your own equipment and you want to be able to drink, then make sure you reach out to me and lets book your group.

Thank you,

El Gringo
(Chris Cajoleas)

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